Group Classes

Ballroom dancing is back in a big way. We see it on Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.

At Turbo Dance Studio, we provide adult ballroom dance classes in International Standard, International Latin, as well as Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata, Tango Argentino, Zouk and Merengue.

There are classes for those new to ballroom and classes for those more experienced dancers. At Turbo Dance we have classes from beginner to the more advanced.

The beauty of ballroom is that it can be experienced and danced at any age. We are confident that we offer the best in International Standard, International Latin and more styles of dance in either a group or private classes.

The classes last 60 minutes at a cost of £5 per person.

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Alternatively we offer other services you can take advantage of immediately:

Private Lessons – Take your first steps on the dance floor, improve your technique or add to your routes with individual lessons where everything is specifically tailored to what you need.

Private Lessons

Wedding Dance – We can help you choose music and build a routine for your first dance at your wedding. We can make even a simple routine look great.

Wedding Dance